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Ewa Orchid Society

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Bulletin Board

General Membership Meeting
Thursday, March 27, 2014 
 7:00 pm 
Ewa Elementary School Cafeteria

Last month February 27 General Meeting President Roy awarded Gary Moniz 1st place, Hiroshi Kojima 2nd place & Myrna Canoneo 3rd place. Congratulations!  We encourage you to bring in your orchids for show & tell.  Don't be shy plus it gives President Roy practice in his student judging.  For the members who brought orchids thank you, keep up the good work.

  The newsletter has been posted and ready for you to view. Please take the time to read it, there is alot of info regarding the 2 upcoming orchid shows.  

Mahalo to our members who brought food/snacks/desserts, your generosity is very much appreciated by all.   

Kunia's Annual Orchid Show & Plant Sale
Admission is free (donations will be accepted at the door)
March 21,Friday 22, Saturday from 9am - 5pm
March 23, Sunday 9am - 4pm 
Leilehua High School Gym 
1515 California Ave., 
(All plant sales end at 3pm Sunday)


Windward Orchid Society Annual Orchid Show 
"Gorgeous Colors of Orchids" & Plant Sale
Admission is free (donations will be accepted at the door)
March 21, Friday 22, Saturday from 9am - 7pm
March 23, Sunday 9am - 4pm
(All plant sales end at 3pm Sunday)

Ewa Orchid Society Facebook Page

As of today 2/28/14 I was able to update the important information on our website.  For real time status regarding EOS please visit our facebook page.  I am still unable to use some of the website features for tripod.  I do apologize for the inconvenience.