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Ewa Orchid Society


The Ewa Orchid Society meets on the fourth Thursday of the month (except for November- ThanksGiving) at 7pm at the Ewa Elementary School Cafeteria on Renton Road in Ewa. 
November ONLY....the third Thursday of the month, same time and place. 
For July and December there are NO General Meetings due to our annual orchid show and Christmas/Installation of new & returning members.
Whether you're a novice or an expert in orchid culture you may find our monthly meetings to be most informative, we have a variety of guest speakers or club members who share their expertise in orchid culture.  At most meeting's a small orchid plant is given and members are encouraged to foster and succeed a flower.  "Show and Tell" by members who produce a plant given at the monthly meetings are rewarded with an additonal orchid for their success....a flower bloom.   
Outside of our monthly meetings nursery tours are also scheduled for members and the club may volunteer to help assist in maintaining orchid nurseries who are in need.    


Our Mission and Purpose

The Ewa Orchid Society was chartered in 1950. The mission of this organization is to promote Orchid Culture among the citizens of Hawaii. This is accomplished by providing informational speakers at monthly meetings and encouraging members to grow and care for orchids successfully.

The purpose of the organization is similar to the mission, by providing young plants to the members and having tours done throughout the year to Professional Orchid Nurseries.  We provide general information regarding orchid culture via a monthly Newsletter to the members and continue to encourage all members to be successful. 

History of Our Club

Charles Domingo, Hiroshi Kojima, Masaaki Oshiro, Duke & Jean Paraz, Chad & Barbara Penhallow & Shigeru Yawata with advisors such as Ben Kodama, Masatoshi Miyamoto, Wallace Otaguro, Frank Tatsumura, B. Tanaka, Toshiaki Tanaka, Dr. Harry Murakishi, Rokuro Urata and John Noa helped nurture the society with its growth and also in sustaining its interest in growing orchids.


The first official meeting was held in May of 1950 and this step proved there was interest and enthusiasm in growing orchids among the people living in the general vicinity of Ewa. 


In October 27-29 1950, the society had an opportunity to participate, for the first time in a joint orchid show sponsored by Pacific Orchid and Honolulu Orchid Societies.  Sugar cane stalks in the background and bagasse around and covering the pots, the display had a typical plantation atmosphere.

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Membership Dues for 2014: 
$20 per person or $30 per couple 
Please click on the application link to download a form.  If you would like more information please contact Velma Chong.   
Email:  dabuzz1@hotmail.com  

Contact & Mailing Address:

Ewa Orchid Society
PO BOX 60442
Ewa Beach, HI  96706  

 Roy Andrade 
Phone: 808-351-6897
Do you have questions or comments?  Please direct them to
Roy Andrade our President of the Ewa Orchid Society