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Kaimuki Orchid Society

American Orchid Society

Here you will find useful information in reference to Orchid culture.

Orchid Care for the Novice...by Kent Kobayashi

Orchid Care

Orchid Mania

America Orchid Society...culture sheets

Caring for your Orchids....Orchid Fertilizer

First Rays' Home Remedies

Valuable Resources from the University of Hawaii of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources (CTAHR)

Homepage of CTAHR

Free Publications from CTAHR

Other Resources:

Chemical Mode of Action Chart

Predators and Parasites

Master Pest Search

Past Ewa Orchid Show & Plant Sale

2006 Ewa Orchid Show photos by Midweek West Oahu

2007 Ewa Orchid Show photos by Midweek West Pa'ina

2009 Ewa Orchid Show artical and photos by Honolulu Affordable Travel Examiner

2010 Ewa Orchid Show

2011 Ewa Orchid Show Dedication to Mr. H. Kojima

2012 Ewa Orchid Society Advertisement